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Arborland food trucks will operate at several locations and is available for hiring for private parties and events. The business will start in Piscataway, New Jersey until an affordable property is obtained. We anticipate our start date to be early Fall of 2019.

New Jersey is a trending spot for street fairs and community events (Folsom Street Fair, New Jersey Taco Festival, South Jersey Wine & Food Festival, and much more). The only requirement is a peddler’s license to purchase space. Business will start with or without the food truck as The Beverage Shack (Smoothie, Coffee, and Lemon Aid). Once a property is acquired, our programs will move to the next level of expansion. The development will include: ice carving and decorative display platters, which include vegetable and fruit carvings.  The sculpture will set us apart from the competition and help in securing corporate accounts.

The business cycle is from February 1 to January 1. During the month of January, the company will evaluate its present situation as it prepares for the upcoming season.