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About Us

United States military veterans have made the sacrifices needed to help keep our country safe and free, and way too many are winding up destitute and living on the street after their service obligations have been met. Arborland Veteran Foundation is dedicated to providing help for homeless veterans who find themselves in dire circumstances.

About our Founder

Once a homeless veteran is on the verge of giving up, Donald Colley understands and empathizes with other veterans in similar positions. He founded Arborland Veteran Foundation to offer help for homeless veterans and show them that someone cares and that there is always a silver lining.

Donald is well-qualified for his position and has proven himself as a skilled and seasoned individual. Donald carries over 30 years of experience in the field of hospitality. He is a proud graduate of Middlesex County College and Berkeley College for International Business. Donald also studied at the University of Florence, Italy. The studies included authentic Italian cooking and Sous Vide form of food.

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Our Vision

We have instituted a wide range of essential programs designed to provide the necessary goods and services that empower our country’s most precious assets to live a safe, comfortable, and dignified life. Our efforts offer ways for the community to provide veteran assistance, career training opportunities, and avenues to give food and donate clothes in New Jersey that offer help for homeless veterans throughout the state.


Programs That Provide Help for Homeless Veterans

At Arborland Veteran Foundation, our team of caring and dedicated community organizers and activists create a large variety of opportunities to address homelessness in New Jersey.

One of the best ways you can help is through a monetary donation to help fund our efforts to provide homeless veteran assistance to those who have made the sacrifices for our country. Beyond that, we have implemented several other ways you can get involved, including:

Clothing Donation

Donated clothing goes to help provide a homeless veteran with needed warmth and comfort, as well as a sense of value, worth, and normality. Clothing donations to Arborland Veterans Foundation are tax-deductible and, more importantly, will give protection and security to those who have made the sacrifices for the safety of our country.

Food Donation

That anybody in our country goes to bed hungry is sad; that veterans who made the sacrifices necessary to ensure our safety and security do not know where their next meal is coming from is a national disgrace. We help to facilitate food donations to the food banks, shelters, and other organizations dedicated to feeding our homeless veterans.

 Veteran Assistance

Arborland Veterans Foundation assists veterans in financial counseling, tuition payment assistance, vocational training and support, housing assistance, tax preparation, and many other valuable services.

 Training Opportunities

We work with organizations that provide homeless veterans with job training programs, retraining opportunities, and job placement services to get these national heroes back on their feet and working again.

Why Choose Arborland Veteran Foundation

Arborland Veteran Foundation takes advantage of an impressive list of resources and the full support of a grateful community to provide a wide range of homeless veterans assistance to help those heroes who served our country and have since fallen on hard times. We are dedicated to finding real-life solutions and support help for homeless veterans in New Jersey and beyond.

Contact Arborland Veteran Foundation Today

Contact Arborland Veteran Foundation today to complete information on programs that address homelessness in New Jersey within the veteran community. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we are always on the lookout from a talented, compassionate community willing to help.