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Clothing Donation

Clothing Donations Help Homeless Veterans

Veterans have made tremendous sacrifices to protect the freedoms of the American people. It is our duty as American citizens to do what we can for veterans who have fallen on hard times.

One of the best ways you can help those veterans who served our country is to donate clothes in New Jersey to ensure they have the proper clothing to keep safe and comfortable. With donations to New Jersey clothing drive veteran programs, your items will go to those veterans who are most in need.

Veterans who find themselves homeless are more at risk than ever. Making a clothes donation New Jersey veterans will get the best use from will ensure they stay warm and secure.


Help Homeless Veterans, Donate Clothes in New Jersey

Sometimes even the smallest gesture can brighten up the day of those most in need. Having proper clothing is a basic human necessity that you may take for granted, but others are not as fortunate.

Your closet is likely full of old clothes that you will never wear again, but one of our most treasured military veterans could use it. At Arborland Veterans Foundation, we can help facilitate a pickup of clothes donation New Jersey organizations use to help clothe homeless veterans and support other veteran programs.

Our military veterans make great sacrifices to protect and defend our country. Too often, after they are done serving, they wind up in tough situations. Homeless and alone, they feel as though they are left to fend for themselves after giving so much for us. When you donate clothes in New Jersey that go to homeless veterans, it is important to realize that you are helping to provide comfort and security for someone that sacrificed for your safety and protection. 


Are Clothes Donations New Jersey Tax Deductible?

When you donate to a New Jersey clothing drive veteran charity, you can deduct it as a donation on your taxes. Some guidelines need to be followed. Check with your tax attorney or accountant for specifics on how to deduct your clothes donation New Jersey veterans will benefit from.


Why Choose Arborland Veteran Foundation

Arborland Veteran Foundation is dedicated to helping to make life better for veterans by assisting them in finding clothing, housing, education, employment, and a wide range of additional services to let them know there is hope and a brighter future.

Donald Colley was once a homeless veteran who was close to giving up. He founded Arborland Veteran Foundation with a complete understanding and sympathy for veterans who find themselves in the most vulnerable and seemingly hopeless situations. Facilitating clothes donation New Jersey is just one aspect of the many ways AFV helps those who served our country get through the toughest of times and give them hope for the future.


Contact Arborland Veteran Foundation

Donald uses the knowledge from an advanced degree and the experience from over 30 years in the hospitality industry to provide comfort and care to his fellow veterans. Contact Arborland Veteran Foundation today for complete information on how to donate clothes in New Jersey or the many other ways you can help.